Calories Lost From Walking are markedly increased by using walking poles!

Calories Lost From Walking – Pole Walking vs. “Normal Walking” 

Calories Lost From Walking – The Fastest Method to Boost Your Metabolism

Have you ever pondered the most efficient way to increase the calories lost from walking? Though walking remains one of the most popular forms of exercise for people of all ages, it certainly has its limitations in regards to fitness. The amount of time required to get sufficient calorie burn requires a minimum of 1 hr per walk. That multiplied by 3 times a week (or more), adds up to a big chunk of time. The bigger challenge is, that an hour of walking 3 times a week will still not deliver the highest level of fitness. You see, “normal” walking – even on a difficult terrain, does not challenge the body. It does not engage enough of the major muscle groups to increase the heart rate high enough to obtain a a significant calorie burn. Some walking enthusiasts have even resorted to weighted vests and/or wrist weights to give a fitness boost to their walking workouts. Though these methods may be effective, they can put added stress on the lower back and shoulders, thus increasing the chance of injury. No one wants that. However, there is a simple, gentler solution. By simply incorporating the use of a lightweight walking poles, one can turn their inefficient walking routine into a low-impact, full-body, calorie-blasting workout. Plus – it’s tons of fun!  Here’s how it works:

Calories Lost From Walking -  How Are More Muscle Groups are Engaged?

Muscle burns fat … plain and simple … Physiology 101. The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn, the more fat melts off of our bodies. The problem for us fitness walkers is that a traditional walking workout only incorporates the muscles of our lower body. While this is great for toning, not so much for overall fitness. However, the simple addition of exercise walking poles into your routine will take your walking workout to a stratospheric level. Pole walking engages 90% of one’s muscle groups, whereas “normal” walking uses less than 50%. The motion used when walking with poles is the same as that in cross country skiing. The poles propel each step, forcing you into a full range of motion. This causes you to incorporate the muscles in the arms, shoulders and core, in addition to the lower body muscles. This full range of motion allows for an additional 48 percent of calories lost from walking, as well as an increased cardio output of 20 percent.

Calories Lost From Walking – Why Are Core Muscles are Strengthened?

The secret to a strong body is a strong core, especially if one wants to age gracefully. Strong core muscles can prevent or eliminate back problems. They also help to align the spine – enabling you to sit, stand and walk taller and breath deeper. Everyday activities (that we often take for granted) become much easier when our core muscles are strong. Incorporating the use of walking poles strengthens the core muscles of your body … as the muscles in your shoulders and arms are engaged, causing a full range of motion. With each step, the core is engaged and strengthened. This eliminates the need for boring sit-ups and crunches. Strengthening the core provides a fitness double whammy: in addition to making you look better and stand taller, strong core muscles will help to accelerate the calories lost from your walking workout. That’s what I call working smart!

Calories Lost From Walking – How is Stress on Lower Joints Reduced?

One might think that walking would have minimal stress on the lower joints. After all, it is considered a “low-impact’ form of exercise. Well … compared to it’s high-impact counterpart (running), it does produce a lesser form of joint stress. That being said, “normal” walking can nonetheless take it’s toll on the body. There is nothing to cushion the impact of each step. The more intense the walk, the more stress on the lower joints. However, Pole Walking can reduce the strain on the lower joints by distributing your weight more evenly. This lessens the impact on your joints by over 26%. The result is less strain on the back, hips, knees, ankles and feet.  Even power walking becomes effortless when using walking poles, as there is less wear and tear on your body. People of all ages and fitness levels can get their groove on, save their joints, and increase the calories lost from walking by incorporating walking poles into their walking routine.

Calories Lost From Walking – Why is it a More Efficient Workout?

As discussed, walking with polesprovides a full-body workout, eliminating the need to exercise each muscle group separately. Pole walking is an extremely efficient form of exercise, as it provides both cardio and weight-bearing workouts at the same time. This lessens the time needed for your workout … 30 minutes is all that’s required to dramatically increase your fitness level.

If you’re anything like me (a little lazy, lol) – you’ll try anything that will allow for a more efficient workout in less time. I admit it … I do NOT like to exercise. It may not be cool or politically correct – so be it. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE what exercise does for my body and mind (the endorphin rush, toned body, sharp mind, etc).  However, I still find exercise boring drudgery and extremely time consuming. Being a pragmatic person, I have fully embraced this time-saving exercise strategy. I used to spend hours at the gym.  Now, I can tone my body, work my heart and accelerate my calories lost from walking in a fun and efficient 30 minutes.


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Exercise Walking Poles

Exercise Walking Poles

Exercise walking poles are an easy, fast and efficient way to get fit … and stay fit

Exercise walking poles have been a fitness staple in Europe for many years, and they are now gaining popularity here in the U.S and Canada.  In the past, walking poles have been associated only with trekking high elevations. However, many people are now discovering that picking up a pair of walking poles and hitting the streets will provide the easiest and most efficient way to maintain your fitness level, without spending countless, grueling hours at the gym.

Exercise Walking poles – Easy to Use

One might think that using exercise walking poles is difficult to learn. Many relate these devices with cross country and downhill skiing, both of which require a great deal of skill. Though walking poles are similar to ski poles, they are quite easy to incorporate into your walk. The handles are breathable and much more comfortable than ski poles. The poles are lightweight and adjustable to custom heights. The rubber feet on walking poles makes them suitable for all hard surfaces. One simply has to walk in a usual manner, using the poles to propel the next step. The ease of walking with poles is twofold. First, the poles provide balance, which in turn allows you to walk confidently. Second,  the propulsion of walking with poles allows for better weight distribution. Once you get your groove on, you’ll find that walking with poles easier than walking without them.

Exercise Walking Poles – Work Smarter, Not Harder

The use of exercise walking poles allows one to do more in less time.  And who doesn’t want make the most of their time? Simply adding a pair of walking poles allows you to exercise smarter, by incorporating the whole body into the workout. This causes greater cardiac output and more caloric burn in less time.  and the strengthened muscles of the core and arms will act as a furnace to  expedite calorie burn. Studies have shown that rewards can be reaped in 30 minutes of pole walking versus 50 minutes of regular walking. Is cutting your workout time by a third incentive enough to get you to try a pair of walking poles?

Exercise Walking Poles -  Add Efficiency to Your Workout

Efficiency is defined as functioning at the highest possible level with the least amount of effort. Adding walking poles to your walking workout not only allows you to do more in less time – it allows you to do less and achieve better results. As mentioned, the addition of exercise walking poles uses more muscle groups of your body in one fluid motion. So, instead of doing different exercises for different muscle groups, you can work all of your muscle groups simultaneously. A simple walk around the block is now an efficient, effective aerobic and total body workout. Walking has never been so fun and FUNctional!

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Benefits of Walking Poles

Benefits of Walking Poles

Benefits of Walking Poles are Undeniable -
No Matter the Terrain

Whether you hike the mountain trails or walk the city streets, the benefits of walking poles will become blatantly clear the moment you try them. Before I was coerced into testing them out the first time, I secretly snickered at those on hiking trails using these strange devices. I thought those people were merely Indiana Jones wannabes who longed to look “cool” and draw attention to themselves. What I now know, is that adding the right pair of walking poles not only improves my stamina on mountain hikes, but enhances my city walks, as well. Now a believer, I realize that the benefits of walking poles are numerous:

Benefits of Walking Poles – Alleviate Stress on the Back and Lower Extremities

This is the reason I originally became a fan of walking poles. I discovered in a few short moments that a lightweight pair of walking poles could turn a grueling hike into an effortless one. Studies have proven one of the biggest benefits of walking poles – using walking poles provides a source of propulsion that significantly reduces the impact on the knees and lower back. When we walk without walking poles, less than 50% of our major muscles groups are used. When adding fitness walking poles, over 90% of of major muscles are engaged. This causes our weight to be more evenly distributed and lessens the impact on our joints and spine.

Benefits of Walking Poles – Engage the Core Muscles

Any fitness expert will tell you that the secret to healthy mobility into our senior years is strong core muscles. Even the simplest daily tasks such as getting in/out of a car, or standing up from a chair engage the core muscle groups. If we lose that strength, those activities we take for granted become more and more difficult. Increasing the strength of the core muscles, is one of the most important benefits of walking poles, especially for seniors. By aligning the spine correctly, the use of walking poles engages the core muscles with every step.

Benefits of Walking Poles – Increase Metabolism and Caloric Burn

How many of us have heard (or spoken) the words ” ever since I turned 50, everything I eat goes to my hips ( thighs, stomach, butt)”? The simple fact is that the older we get, the more difficult it is to maintain a healthy weight. All the more reason to find efficient forms of exercise – methods that increase our calorie expenditure and boost our metabolism. Adding walking poles to your daily trek will boost your cardiac output by 20% and increase calorie burn by 48%. The ability to turn a walk into an aerobic workout is a benefit that is significant for anyone over the age of fifty.

Taking It to the Street 

Fitness walking poles, are certainly not limited to the hiking trails. More and more city hikers are realizing the benefits of walking poles and incorporating them into their urban walks. You don’t have to be trekking the Himalaya’s to reap the rewards of adding walking poles to your workout. Now, people of all ages and geographic locations can achieve their fitness goals with a full-body walking workout.

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Walking Poles for Seniors

Walking Poles for Seniors

Walking Poles for Seniors – Tips for Enhancing Your Workout and Your Life

Thanks for visiting this site about how walking poles for seniors can improve and enhance your walking workout.  Since you are here, you are probably already incorporating a regular walking regime as part of your overall fitness program. Walking remains one of the most popular exercise choices for people of all ages. Discover how adding poles to your walking routine can transform it into a whole-body, aerobic workout, without any added stress to your body.

Walking Poles for Seniors -
Why Use Poles for Walking?

I remember the first time I ever used a pair of walking poles I was hiking with a friend in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was not a terribly challenging trail, about 4 miles of moderate terrain. About halfway into the hike, I started to experience some discomfort in my lower back and knees. This is a frustrating, but not an uncommon, occurrence now that I am in my fifties. My friend, who is a bit older than me had been touting his walking poles for some time. He suggested that I give his a try to see if they alleviated my pain. Low and behold, after a few steps I had no more discomfort … I was hooked. So impressed, I purchased my own pair of walking poles and now incorporate the them into my city walks, as well.

Walking Poles for Seniors -
Getting a Cardio Workout From Walking Can be Challenging.

Almost everyone loves to walk – after all, it’s easy, inexpensive and can be done just about anywhere. Doctors advise us to aim for 10,000 steps a day, which isn’t all that difficult to do. I admit,  that goal is great for one’s circulation and is certainly better than sitting on a couch or in front of a computer for hours on end. The challenge, however, is that 10,000 steps takes a tremendous amount of time. What’s worse, is that doing thousands of steps over the course of a day will do little to boost one’s metabolism or burn calories. And let’s face it, the older we get, the harder that is. It’s sad, but true that as we age we simply must find more efficient methods of exercise that will work our hearts, lungs and limbs. Consistent aerobic exercise is a MUST for healthy aging and adding a pair of walking poles for seniors will make your aerobic workout easy and effortless.

Walking Poles for Seniors -
Take Your Exercise Program to the Next Level.

What if there was a way to decrease your number of steps, incorporate all of your major muscle groups, decrease stress on your back, hips, knees and feet …. AND cut the time of your walking workout by a third? I am happy to say – THERE IS! By simply incorporating a lightweight pair of exercise walking poles into your normal routine, all those things are possible. Walking poles for seniors are essential for boosting your fitness level and turning your daily walk into a cardio blast!


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